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At Christ Church Infant School we believe that children should have access to a computing curriculum that is rich in variety and allows children to explore technology across the curriculum. We believe that children should be immersed in learning that reflects our technological world and allows them to develop the necessary computing skills needed for lifelong development and participation in the 21st century world.

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At Christ Church Infant School the computing curriculum is divided into 3 separate

strands; e-safety, creating digital content and computer science.  The children are

exposed to these both in their computing lessons and through their use of

technology in their wider curriculum. We want the children to develop a deep

understanding of the skills included in each of these three strands. Where

appropriate the computing unit for each half term is linked to the topic that

children are focusing on. For example children in Year 2 create their own

broadcasts linked to their topic of London’s Burning.

Computing teaching is also highly focused on the importance of E-safety as

the underpinning value for all computing taught in school.


Children at Christ Church are enthusiastic and excited about the computing

learning opportunities provided for them. Our good quality and consistent

teaching across year groups and Key stages, allows the children to

experience and develop their skills in practical based classroom lessons.

Children acquire and master skills to become both technological consumers

and contributors in today’s technological age. 


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