Nursery Uniform

We request that you dress your child in suitable practical clothing.

Difficult fastenings e.g. dungaree straps, do not encourage independence and may be unsuitable.

We also ask that you provide a named pump bag containing a full change of clothes in case of accidents. This can be left at nursery.

Please do not leave plastic carrier bags in the nursery cloakroom as these constitute a safety risk.

Please note that we aim to have outdoor play sessions every day, even in winter.

Your child will therefore need to wear a coat, hat and gloves if appropriate.

Please ensure that these are labelled with your child's name.

In summer a sun hat is recommended and sunscreen should be applied before children arrive at Nursery.

Infant School Uniform

We encourage all children to wear school uniform as follows:


  • Grey trousers or shorts

  • White Polo Shirt (with optional logo)

  • White cotton shirt and green tie with yellow stripes (optional)

  • Green jumper, sweatshirt (with optional logo) or cardigan

  • Grey or white socks

  • Black shoes (no trainers)

Additional option for girls:


  • Grey pinafore or skirt

  • White blouse

  • Green and white summer dress


A suitable sun-hat is required during the summer months.

Infant School PE Kit

  • Black or white slip-on pumps (no trainers) 

  • White T-shirt with the school logo

  • Bottle green PE shorts


PE kit will be kept at school (other than for washing). Please Clearly Name All Items Of Clothing To Avoid Loss.



Most department stores will be able to supply the above uniform.

You can order sweatshirts, polo shirts, PE kit and bags (all with the school logo) from Lads and Lasses Schoolwear (Contact details at the bottom of the page).

Junior School Uniform

The children attending this school are encouraged to wear school uniform. This consists of:



  • Winter Grey pinafore, skirt or trousers

  • White blouse

  • Green tie with yellow stripes

  • Green sweatshirt, cardigan or v neck sweater

  • White socks

  • Black shoes


Summer (Optional alternative to the winter uniform.)

  • Green and white summer dress

  • White polo shirt/no tie



  • Grey winter trousers

  • White shirt

  • Green tie with yellow stripes

  • Green sweatshirt or v neck sweater

  • Grey socks

  • Black shoes


Summer (Optional alternative)

  • White polo shirt/no tie


Jeans and trainers are considered to be unsuitable for school unless needed for a school study visit.


P.E Kit

Each child will require an indoor P.E. kit consisting of:

  • black shorts

  • trainers

  • T shirt


When purchasing new T shirts, parents are requested to choose the appropriate ‘house’ colour. All children will be placed into a house team on arrival in school. They will be able to earn rewards for their house in a variety of ways throughout the year. In addition the children will require a navy blue hooded zip top and navy blue jogging bottoms for outdoor wear.


The children will require a pump bag for the storage of their kit. (Please do not send back packs as they are too bulky and we do not have the storage space.) Parents are urged to label each item of clothing to avoid confusion and possible loss. Lost property is stored for one school term and then recycled.



The school cannot be held responsible for any jewellery worn by children and with the exception of wristwatches or small studs, jewellery is not allowed. Children with pierced ears are expected to wear small studs.

Purchasing Uniform

School uniform can be purchased from Lads and Lasses:

Lads and Lasses Schoolwear

50a Warstones Road




Tel: 01902 334650

Email: ladsandlassessales@live.com

Website: www.ladsandlassesschoolwear.co.uk

Opening Times: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday - 10am - 5pm