COVID Symptoms Study

Dear Parents

Christ Church Federation has partnered with the COVID Symptom Study to help make sure our students are as safe as possible at school, whilst doing our part in creating the world’s largest scientific dataset of COVID-19 in children.

We are asking all parents to join the COVID Symptom Study now, by downloading the free app and taking less than 1min a day to report how your child/children are feeling each day. With all parents reporting daily via the app, the app will provide a powerful tool for helping the school and parents understand COVID in the community and help keep our students safe. Importantly, the information you report will be invaluable to critical scientific research into COVID in children and for public health purposes - the Study will be sure to share any findings from their research with you.

So we are asking all parents to download this app as soon as possible. The app is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Simply create a profile for yourself and for your child/children. To join our school network in the app and receive personalised COVID insights about our school, go to Edit Profile for your child’s profile > School Network > enter our school’s Unique School Network Code (see below) > select the Bubble that your child belongs to.

Our Unique School Network Code for:

Christ Church (Church of England) Infant School and Nursery is: BNVQ923

Christ Church (Church of England) Junior School is: AFDU9SZ

To avoid outsiders joining, please do not share this code with anyone who is not a parent of our school.

For more information including full instructions on how to join and use the COVID Symptom Study app please head to:

What is the COVID Symptom Study app and why should you use it?

The COVID Symptom Study app is a not-for-profit initiative that was launched at the end of March 2020 to support vital COVID-19 research. The app was launched by health science company ZOE with scientific analysis provided by King’s College London. Now, with over 4 million contributors globally, the Study is the world’s largest ongoing study of COVID-19.

The app also provides unique insight on asymptomatic and symptomatic information across the UK which builds into a larger picture for the government and captures information not covered by other means. The Government has been so impressed with the data and research being produced it is now funding ZOE to continue the great work.

All data collected in the app is used anonymously for informing other parents in your child’s school and your child’s school, and anonymously for research and for public health purposes only. ZOE takes data security and privacy very seriously and enforces best practices to ensure all data is protected. ZOE is required to protect all data by law. As the work that ZOE does takes place in the UK, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation applies.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Blower

Executive Head Teacher

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