It is vital that parents understand their part in keeping our school safe.

1. If your child has any signs of being unwell. DO NOT send them to school but take them for a COVID test.

2. If a child or household member has had a COVID test -no one should leave the house until the results have been received.

3. It is vital that you inform the school if any member of your household is showing symptoms- no matter how mild.

4. You should not get a COVID test at the end of your illness to show you are negative. The virus can show positive in your system for up to 90 days. The test should be taken at the start of symptoms or feeling unwell.

5. If a test is returned as inconclusive you must ensure a repeat test is completed as soon as possible.

We have to isolate everyone who has been in contact with a positive case in the 48 hours before the symptoms become apparent. This is the most infectious time.

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