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Our PSHE curriculum aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage safe and respectful relationships, raise self-esteem, allow children a chance to reflect and enable children to become more confident with new experiences and situations they may face as they grow up and become good citizens.

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PSHE is taught weekly at Christ Church through a variety of different activities. Sometimes we discuss topics, use drama, draw, write or work together as a group. The use of a ‘spiral curriculum’ ensures that the children are able to build on their skills throughout their time at Christ Church.

Mental health and wellbeing

Every year group will focus on mental health and wellbeing as a topic during the school year. This will enable the children at Christ Church to become more empathetic and will enable them to learn how to look after their own mental health.

School Counsellor

At Christ Church, we recognise the importance of our children’s health. We have a counsellor who visits our school once a week in order to support the children’s mental health and wellbeing.


SRE runs throughout our PSHE curriculum. Children get the opportunity for a visit from the school nurses to discuss certain areas, such as puberty and growing up.


"PSHE helps me in my life because I know how to be healthy"

Year 3

"PSHE helps me to know how to be a good person"

Year 6

"PSHE helps me because I know what is dangerous.

If I am in a difficult situation, I will know what to do"

Year 6

"I feel comfortable to share my views because Christ Church is a safe place. PSHE is a helpful lesson for all children"

Year 4

"PSHE helps me because I know how to make the right decisions"

Year 5

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