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Year 4 Times tables Check

Dear families,

We would like to thank everyone for the encouragement and efforts that have been given to helping your children learn their times tables.

You may remember that the government require all year 4 pupils to complete multiplication tables check (MTC) which this year will take place between Monday 5 June and Friday 16 June, which is now only a month away. We want every pupil to achieve the best results so that they can feel confident in this area, as we feel it is important for their continued success. In primary school, times tables knowledge is vital for quick mental maths calculations and problem solving, as well as for many of the topics children learn in years 5 and 6 (division, fractions, percentages).

The children have been working hard in school carrying out activities that focus on times tables at the start of each lesson. They have also enjoyed playing and challenging friends on Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) and we encourage them to continue playing small 5-minute daily sessions. The Soundcheck area on TTRS is exactly the same format of the check, making it an ideal learning platform for this check. Under the national curriculum primary school children are expected to know their times tables by the end of year 4 and that is why we have been preparing pupils for quite some time now.

The check itself:

 is done online using a computer or tablet.

 can be done one student at a time, in groups or as a class.

 will take no longer than 5 minutes.

 will feature 25 questions and children will have 6 seconds to answer each question.

 There’s no problem solving or division just simple “3 x 4 = ?” type questions

 The results are for the teachers. There is no pass or fail mark.

 Learning times tables is not restricted to the classroom and learning at home really makes a difference. Because maths is such a big subject, we ask for your continued support to help practise the times tables with your children. Some easy ways to do this include:

 asking questions such as “What’s 7 x 8?”

 reciting times tables by rote (4 times 1 is 4, 4 times 2 is 8, etc)

 using apps and games, such as TTRS

 singing times tables songs (there are loads online)

If you have a question, concerns or want to offer your thoughts on any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

May we take this opportunity once more to thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely Mrs McWilliams, Mrs Banner and Mrs Beason

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