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Year 4 Residential Kit List

Dear Parents,

Here are a few more details for you about the forthcoming Year 4 visit to Stratford Upon Avon.

We will leave school on Thursday May 4th at 8.30 am. Children need to be in school by 8.10am and come in through the main office door.

On arrival please hand any medication to Mrs Black who will be on the front door. If your child is travel sick, please give them a tablet before we leave and supply enough tablets for the rest of the trip. All medicines including Calpol and inhalers etc, must be labelled with names, dosage and times to be taken and should be given to teachers on Thursday morning. (Details should be on the health form.)

Your child will then take their bags to the ICT suite. We will return at approximately 3.30pm on Friday May 5th. Please do not park at the end of Woodcote Road near to school, as the coach will need space to turn around.

On Thursday, the children will need a packed lunch in a carrier bag (so it can be thrown away). Please do not send flasks or glass bottles.

Children are not allowed mobile phones or any other electrical devices. A member of staff will telephone to confirm that we have arrived on Thursday. A school text will be sent out to all parents.

Please do not send snacks or sweets.

Although we hope that the weather is fine, we must equip ourselves for all weathers.

Suggested clothing and equipment for each child:-

· Pyjamas or nightdress

· Slippers/indoor shoes

· Hairbrush or Comb

· Soap and Facecloth

· Toothbrush and Toothpaste

· Hand towel

· Strong Shoes/ Trainers for walking

· Complete Change of Clothing – spare sets of clean underwear, socks, jeans t-shirts, jumpers etc…

· Small rucksack

· Small refillable plastic bottle (named)

· Warm Waterproof Clothing

· Bedtime teddy (optional!)

· Pack of cards or a small game (no electronics please)

We have looked at the prices in the gift shops and they are very expensive. Due to this, children will not be visiting the shops during the visit. They do not require any spending money.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Banner and Mrs Beason

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