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September Arrangements Part 2

Dear Parents,

Junior Amendments-Arriving and Leaving School

We have identified a few details on our start and finish time arrangements that need some adjustment. Due to the large number of children who will be arriving and leaving each day we have already staggered start and finish times.

Families with children at both Infant and Junior School

The times given for the start of day will encourage the children to arrive spaced out and to maintain social distancing. It may not be possible to stick to these times exactly if you have two children on two sites with similar start times. You should ensure that the youngest child arrives at the time allocated to their year group and drop the older child off earlier at the Juniors. Junior staff will be onsite preparing for the day ahead and can provide supervision for children with siblings from 8.30am. In these instances the older child should arrive and go straight to their classroom where they can read a book or learn spellings/ times tables.

If a family has two children at the same school with different start times they should both arrive at the earlier time and go straight to their classroom.

Children however will be dismissed at the allocated time for their year group.

We will be using both gates:

Year Three and Four

The children in Year Three and Four should enter through the large gates on the car park which are nearest to their classrooms.

On the first day of term the Year Three parents will be able to come onto the playground in the morning to drop their children off. The children will be collected by their teachers and taken into class. After the first day the children should enter through the gate unaccompanied and go straight to their classroom. There will be a member of staff to direct the Year Four children to their new classrooms.

We have changed the start and finish times for Year 4. The children should arrive at 8.55am and be collected at 3.35pm.

This will allow a 10 minute window between the two year groups arriving and leaving.

At the end of the day parents can enter through these gates and wait socially distanced on the playground. Parents should not use the main gate at the front of school to enter or leave the premises.

It is important that families continue to socially distance when collecting children and move away swiftly from the school premises to allow the next year group space to arrive or leave.

Year Five and Six

These children will use the main gate as normal as it is nearest to their classrooms. Year five and Six parents should not enter the premises but should wait outside the gates, socially distanced in the area in front of school.

If the Year Five or Year Six child is meeting a parent and have a younger sibling they should go directly onto the playground to meet their parent and not leave through the main gate.

It is important that families continue to socially distance when collecting children and that older children also continue socially distancing as they travel home. Please move away from the school gates swiftly to allow the next year group space to arrive or leave.

Please do not bring pets to school when collecting your child as this causes a distraction and encourages children to break social distancing guidelines.

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