Reopening Update

Dear Parents,

Due to the limited space in school with social distancing in place we have been unable to open to Year One children other than those that have parents in the Key Worker category. Below you will see a letter from the City Council that we have been asked to forward to you so that you can see the council's approach. The council recommendations are subject to the individual circumstances of each school and the ability of each school to make an offer based on safety.

At Christ Church we have invited all parents of children in Nursery, Reception and Year 6 to let us know if they would like to send their child back to school. Based on the responses that we have received we have put together a plan to allow those children to return in June. Some of those parents requested a place on a provisional basis with the option to confirm their final decision in the next week. Those children have a place reserved and once parents confirm if they will require the place or not we will send out the necessary information and finalise places and the number of children attending school.

If the provisional places are declined there may be a very small number of spaces created. At the current time all available spaces have been allocated to Nursery, Reception and Year 6.

If you did not express an interest or returned a response stating that you did not want a place but have changed your mind you will need to contact the school through email.

We still have a small number of spaces in Key Worker Groups and again you will need to contact school in advance to check availability. This needs to be done by email.

It is vital that children who have not been allocated a place do NOT arrive at school unannounced as strict social distancing plans have been put in place and unexpected arrivals will not be admitted.

We will be publishing our Risk Assessment Document on this Blog in the coming days once it has been approved by the Council.

Please help us to keep everyone safe by following this guidance and by reading the return to school letter- that has already been given or emailed to those parents who have confirmed their request for a place.

Mrs Blower

City Council Return to school letter
Download PDF • 863KB