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Dear Parents,

We have been reviewing our procedures and practices in school to try to prevent an outbreak of COVID 19. We have had an outbreak on the Infant site during half term. Our most recent Risk Assessment can be found on the school website: under the Federation tab- COVID 19 Documents.

We also need your help and assistance. We require parents to adhere to the following guidance to help us to keep our community safe. We do not know how the virus got into our Infant community and so we need to look at reducing the risk in all areas.

Parents will be required to:

1. Keep their child at home if they have any symptoms of being unwell. This will include a temperature, loss of sense of taste or smell, cough. It will also include, sore throat, earache, tummy upset, headache. Some of our cases have had none of the three key symptoms but have tested positive.

2. Therefore if your child shows symptoms of being unwell please take them for a COVID test. They should not attend school until a negative result has been received and they have had no temperature without the aid of medication for 48 hours.

3. Parents must wear a mask when coming onto the playground or waiting outside the school gate.

4. Parents must maintain the 2m distancing rule between each other and staff.

5. Just one adult per child should come to school to collect the children.

6. Please adhere to your child’s drop off and collection times. We have a number of parents coming to the office to collect children at the end of the day as they are late for the collection time.

7. In light of the new nationwide lock down introduced on Thursday families should designate just one other person outside their household to provide child care. We should not have different family members collecting the children throughout the week.

Please be advised that children coming to school with symptoms of being unwell will be sent home and asked to attend for a test.

Some of the cases that have tested positive linked to our Infant school have not displayed the symptoms that we were looking for and consequently the virus has been spread undetected.

We all need to be extra vigilant in spotting the signs, testing and isolating to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Blower

Executive Head Teacher

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