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New Attendance Procedure

The Government have introduced new requirements for schools to improve attendance now that we are post pandemic. The aim is for every child to attend school between 96% and 100% of the time.

We have set up a new procedure to work towards this target. Every four weeks the attendance and punctuality of each child on role will be monitored. Parents of children with attendance below 96% will receive a text message and a link to a letter.

Parents of children who have been late on more than one occasion in the four week period will also receive a text and a link to a letter. The number of minutes lost learning will also be included.

These texts and letters will be sent out automatically to the parent of every child who meets that criteria. On the third occasion of such a text being sent parents will be invited to a meeting in school, to discuss their child's attendance or punctuality, and the Education Welfare Officer will also become involved in the case.

Good attendance and punctuality is important to the education of every child. We hope that we can work together to overcome any difficulties you may be having in this area.

Mrs Blower

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