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London Visit Update

Dear Families,

Last night we had a very disappointing email from Downing Street explaining that our visit to number 10 cannot take place. We are absolutely gutted for the children as this would have been an experience of a lifetime. We are doing all we can today to make something happen but we do not hold out much hope. Please see below the communication from Gavin Williamsons PA regarding our visit:

From: WILLIAMSON, Gavin <>

Subject: Re: Downing Street Visit


I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and a good start to 2024!

Unfortunately, I have just been informed that due to a change in the 10 Downing Street schedule and the accompanying security arrangements, the original timeslots are no longer available for public visits.

The security and events teams have suggested splitting the group into three and have offered 15:30, 15:50 and 16:10 as alternative times. I know you mentioned that you will have to leave by 15:15, so I recognise this might be too late.

I do apologise for this, but please let me know if you can make the new timeslots work and I'll let the 10 Downing Street know as soon as I can.

As our train tickets and coach are booked and of course the distance we have to travel back, the timings suggested would not be possible. As an alternative, we will use this time to have some photographs taken by iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The cancellation of Downing Street will not impact on our visit to parliament which was the main focus of our visit.

If there are any further changes to the planned schedule, we will let you know.

Kind regards,

Mrs Nash and Mrs McWilliams


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