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Late Collection Fees

Dear Parents,

A number of children continue to be collected late at the end of the school day. It has improved since the introduction of charges for late collection but still remains at an unacceptable level. We understand that there are rare occasions when the unforeseen happens and you may be late and on those very rare occasions no charge would be made.

Staff have a lot of work to do when the children leave including marking the children's work, planning and preparing lessons and attending meetings. It is not appropriate for their valuable time to be taken up providing childcare at the end of the school day.

The following extract from our Charging and Remissions Policy outlines our policy in relation to late collection charges:

Late Collection Charges

The school provides a range of opportunities for children to remain at school under supervision beyond the school day. Children can attend After School Care until 5.45pm and they will be provided with a snack and a drink. Alternatively, there are a range of after school activities that run until 4.15pm each day for a charge of £4.00 per session. Parents who are unable to collect their child on time are welcome to take advantage of these activities to provide their child with planned and agreed childcare/ supervision until 4.15pm.

Children who are not collected at the end of the day go to the late collection room in year six or wait in the infant Reception area with a member of staff to wait for their adult. Children who attend the late room have a grace period of 10 minutes. Beyond this time a charge of £5.00 will be applied. This is to contribute to the additional staffing that is required to supervise the children beyond the school day. This charge will increase by an additional £5.00 for each additional 5 minutes of lateness.


School ends at 3.25pm

3.25pm – 3.35pm grace period

Collection between 3.36pm -3.50pm - £5.00 charge

Collection between 3.51pm -4.05pm - £10.00 charge

Collection 4.06pm and 4.20pm - £15.00 charge

Payments should be made through the school Gateway

On rare occasions incidents will occur that mean a parent will be late. On these rare unforeseen emergencies no charge will be made. It is parent’s responsibility to arrange child care. It is not acceptable to assume that staff will supervise their child every day.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Blower

Executive Head Teacher

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