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Junior Inspiration Days

On Friday 29th April all classes at the junior school will be enjoying an Inspiration Day to celebrate the beginning of a new topic. Please find the details below for each year group.

Year 3 Summer Inspiration Day -Weather Around The World

Year 3 children will embark on an exciting journey where they will get to travel around the world experiencing various destinations, (including hot and cold climates) along the way.

There will be opportunities to design their own passport and they will be given clues to solve in order to locate their boarding pass and seat, we will also talk through the necessary safety procedures thereby adding to the reality of going on a real plane journey. Once they have arrived, the children will be involved in art and craft activities connected with the various places they have travelled through.

On this day, we would like the children to come dressed as if they were going on holiday to a place of their own choice.

Year 4 Summer Inspiration Day – Europe

Year 4 will be visiting Europe for their Inspiration Day. The children will be having a whistle-stop tour of the some of the most iconic European destinations, taking in the best of what Europe has to offer. From the tallest peaks in the Alps to the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, we will be discovering traditions and cultures that have shaped the Europe we know today.

Year 5 Summer Inspiration Day- Rivers

For inspiration day, children in year 5 will be focusing on rivers and coasts. We would like children to attend school in beach or blue clothes as part of the river theme. During the day we will be looking at characteristics of rivers and will be junk modelling. For this we ask that children provide cereal boxes, containers, bottles etc, to help them with making a model bridge to cross a river.

Year 6 Summer Inspiration Day- The Victorians

Children are invited to travel back in time to 1896 by coming into school wearing suitable Victorian School dress for our Victorian School Day on the 29th April. The children will arrive in school dressed as Victorians and line up in two lines of boys and girls to begin their day. After hand washing and hand inspection, the children will experience what school life was like in the Victorian era by taking part in a range of activities. This will include a traditional arithmetic lesson, handwriting, British Values and Victorian Art in the afternoon. Children will also participate in Victorian playground games such as hopscotch, skipping and marbles.

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