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Christ Church (Church of England) Junior aims to provide the highest standards of education and care within a Christian foundation. We also recognise and celebrate the limitless potential of all our children and seek to maximise their natural enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning in History.

By learning history, pupils will understand that history is a narrative of the past and that they are the characters in the narrative of shaping the future. They will be inspired to think of consequences of actions on a bigger scale and consider their role now and in the future.


​At the start of each new topic, the children in each year group will be provided with a day of exciting activities during our ‘Inspiration Days’. The intention of these is to enthuse the children for their learning of the topic ahead.  They will also be engaged with visits, trips, memorable experiences and specialist visitors coming into school to help enhance their learning.  Pupils will always be encouraged to share their own thoughts, personal experiences, cultural backgrounds and their own understanding of history.

We respect, share and celebrate the history of all people.
Curriculum Overview/Progression Of Skills
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