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We love Reading at Christ Church!

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Please click on our 'Reading Policy' link to read about our Reading Intent (the What), Reading Implementation (the How) and the Impact of Reading at Christ Church. 

At Christ Church Juniors, we love reading! Here are some links that you may find useful...

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Class Padlets
Reading at home

Do you remember your favourite books as a child – you know, the ones you read time and time again and knew practically every word of? Maybe you were lucky enough to regularly read stories with your family and had someone to read you a bedtime story before you drifted off to sleep? You won’t have known at the time, but those experiences were building vital building blocks for your future.

Reading, being read to, and sharing books in the home helps to build a child’s vocabulary and understanding of the world. Research shows children who start school with good vocabulary and communication skills make friends more easily, have fewer behavioural issues and are more likely to do well academically. A strong, early foundation in language has even been linked to better mental health as children get older.

Reading with your child, or encouraging your child to read independently for just ten minutes each day can make all the difference. Here are some tips to help children of all ages to enjoy reading and to get reading more often.

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Julia Donaldson shares her best tips to encourage reading at home.
Bedtime Reading Bags

Each week two children from each year group will receive a bag which contains either a story or poetry book appropriate to their year group, a packet of biscuits, two hot chocolates and a reading journal log.

Our aim is to encourage shared reading at home with the additional enjoyment of a biscuit and a cup of hot chocolate.

Children will be chosen randomly each Friday to take home a Bedtime Reading Bag to read and share with their family. They are encouraged to create a reading response (look at the examples) and return to school the following week.

At Christ Church, we understand the importance of reading being a pleasurable experience, our Bedtime Reading Bags encourage families to read and develop reading skills together. Enjoy!

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Year 5/6 Book Recommendations
Bookworms Newsletter
Celebrating Reading!

At Christ Church, we like to celebrate World Book Day in style! WBD is celebrated all over the country on the first Thursday in March every year & we like our children to not only ‘get reading’ but also to do lots of other amazing activities.

This year was no exception! Both children at home and in school became book characters, authors, designed book tokens to enter in this year’s WBD competition, wrote letters to their favourite authors and even created their favourite book characters out of potatoes! Not to mention children taking 5 minutes out of their day to read - some in very unusual places!

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Masked Reader!

Staff at Christ Church love to read too and do all that they can to instil a love of reading! As part of the WBD celebrations, teachers ran a ‘Masked Reader’ competition for their pupils after being inspired by the British reality singing competition television series, ‘The Masked Singer’. Each day leading up to WBD, children had to guess who the ‘Masked Reader’ was. Did you guess correctly?

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